China: Travelling images show quiet streets of Shenzhen amid Coronavirus outbreak

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Locals in Shenzhen, a tech manufacturing city bordering Hong Kong on China’s southern border, only very slowly began returning to their normal working schedules on Monday amid the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

The extended Lunar New Year holiday should have ended on Monday but images taken on Tuesday from Shenzhen tell a different story. Main roads still look barren and schools remain empty.

Despite the fact that Shenzhen is almost 1,000km (600 miles) away from the epicentre of the deadly coronavirus, Wuhan, the numbers of people on the move over the Lunar New Year period has led to fears of infection in the city of 12.5 million, apparently leading to many residents choosing to remain indoors.

Major Apple technology supplier Foxconn stated that its factories were “resuming work in an orderly fashion according to local governments’ guidelines”. Foxconn currently employs around 200,000 workers in Shenzhen alone.

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