Forecasting coronavirus spread; Dr Li Wenliang & China’s crisis; Hong Kong’s ‘infodemic’ of panic

Ben Cowling, senior epidemiologist at the University of Hong Kong School of Public Health analyses the spread of coronavirus and the efforts to contain it; the German team forecasting which airports will see the most carriers of the virus; SCMP China desk editor Teddy Ng details the crisis for Beijing following the death of Dr Li Wenliang, the Wuhan doctor who attempted to warn the world of coronavirus; SCMP journalist Phoebe Zhang on life in quarantine in Shenzhen and the high-tech response with drones and robots; discussing Hong Kong panic buying and the ‘infodemic’ of fake news and misinformation on WhatsApp and social media with Masato Kajimoto from the University of Hong Kong.


0:00:10 Kinling Lo introduction
0:01:20 Naming of COVID-19 by the World Health Organisation
0:01:45 Other locations around the world with outbreaks, including an apartment building in Hong Kong
0:02:34 SCMP working in quarantine in Hong Kong
0:03:17 Podcast warning
0:03:52 Preview of Dr Ben Cowling, epidemiologist, HKU
0:04:13 Dr Dirk Brockmann, Koch Institute
0:04:40 Dr Li Wenliang background
0:05:50 Preview of Shenzhen update
0:06:45 Hongkongers and their collective memories of SARS
0:07:31 Preview of panic buying in hong Kong
0:07:58 Dr Ben Cowling, epidemiologist, HKU
0:08:38 Update on cases of coronavirus outside China
0:09:13 ‘Maybe it’s too late…’ infections in other parts of China
0:09:47 Forecasting the speed of infections in China
0:11:25 When is the peak of the epidemic of infections
0:13:00 ‘We’re in a critical moment right now to discover how easily this virus can spread…’
0:13:30 What the numbers on recovery from coronavirus mean
0:16:29 Explaining the R0 factor of secondary infections
0:17:31 The R0 factor higher in Hong Kong than Wuhan
0:18:12 How Kong is stopping secondary transmission
0:18:56 Explaining how coronavirus is different to SARS
0:20:47 What infections in south east Asia mean
0:23:10 Professor Dirk Brockmann, Koch Insitute, Berlin
0:23:23 Computing the relative import risk for airports
0:24:55 Top 3 airports in the world for high import risk
0:25:25 Background for Dr Li Wenliang, coronavirus whistleblower
0:26:15 Teddy Ng; China desk editor, South China Morning Post
0:27:40 Misreporting of Dr Wenliang’s death in Chinese state media
0:29:15 Beijing’s credibility crisis as a result of Dr Wenliang’s death
0:30:45 Phoebe Zhang; SCMP field reporter, Shenzhen
0:33:08 Police robots deployed in Shenzhen
0:33:43 DJI drones spraying disinfectant in factories
0:34:44 Role of Taylor Swift fan club in raising money
0:35:15 Fan clubs better at logistics and managing donations than the Wuhan Red Cross
0:37:56 World Health Organisation declares an infodemic
0:38:10 Masato Kajimoto, Journalism and Media Studies Centre, University of Hong Kong
0:39:00 How information on WhatsApp in Hong Kong goes viral, and how it eludes fact-checking
0:40:00 How panic buying of toilet paper illustrates a loss of trust in government and authority
0:41:36 The anti-vaxxer background to the WHO campaigns for accurate information on Youtube, Twitter and Google
0:43:10 “You can’t beat all the rumours…” the problem of triage in an epidemic
0:44:19 Kinling Lo outro

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